In our view, to rethink a space means to share a story. That’s why we chose the interior design – we believe that is only by meeting people and knowing their stories that new visions and versions of this world can arise… Interior design is a tool to learn to see things and to see each other in a more comprehensive and conscious way within a space that belongs to us. At the same time, it connects us with others by telling our story...

who we are
PENSIERI CREATIVI, il nostro lavoro

our work

We met and chose each other over a lifetime of walking through and connecting the worlds of art, scenography, architecture and interior design – this allowed us, from time to time, to think and create projects and narrative paths where the essence of the place and the soul of the people were able to develop a new creative dialogue...

what we do
casa, Interior design

Una casa anni ’70, inizialmente sala di registrazione, fa un salto creativo nel passato e si trasforma nella superfici...

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Business, Interior design

Rinnovare il proprio studio non implica sempre una impegnativa rivoluzione strutturale a volte basta semplicemente uno s...

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casa, Interior design

Progettare una casa è un accordo di istinto e sapienze tecniche che integrano tutti quegli elementi da cui parte e a cu...

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In the space of the GAME

In our view projecting means to enter the “space of the game”, a place where, with a clear mind, imagination begins to speak and to reinvent our daily life… But mainly it means to involve in the tangle of the creative process the Other, its look, its needs, its desires, turning the project into its new reality!