Montefeltro books

The new headquarters of Montefeltro Libri overlook Piazza della Repubblica. From the outside, the window suggests the idea of a house with a comfy armchair ready to welcome those who want to dedicate themselves to reading. By stepping in, you can savour the memories of the ancient drugstore which existed here over the 20th century. The ceiling is inspired by the taste of the Renaissance Revival of “The Great Gatsby”, as well as by Urbino’s ancient buildings of the 1930’s such as the courtroom of the Ancient Tribunal, which suggested the colour palette that features the ambience. The windows are defined by wainscoting with quotes inspired by books. The shelves are crafted in relation to space. The writing of the subjects on the shelves and on the trolleys is designed with reference to the taste of the 1930s. The upstairs – dedicated to children's and travel literature – is designed as an attic with a wallpaper-effect on the walls. Along the stair, mirrors are set to “reflect” the ambience to evoke the “reflection” as a crucial function of literature. Table lamps appearing from the upper floor’s windows take care of the night lighting, evoking time stolen from sleeping in favour of reading.
Urbino, historic centre


20 October 2016