An architect from Milan, an art historian from Bologna and a visual designer from Catalunia - who would have thought that their meeting could have led to the creation of an Interior design studio, one with kind of a rebel nature, in the very heart of the historic city of Urbino?


In fact, we have always had the feeling that we have known each other forever. A red thread tied our lives and our experiences long before we met… We mixed our skills, our homelands and their knowledge, we learnt to see through each other's look, but most importantly we travelled the world looking for unexpected suggestions and visions to incorporate in our projects… we created thousands of places capable of speaking and we listened to thousands of different people ready to put themselves out there…


Together we created houses, we shaped the interior designs of bistros, restaurants, ateliers, we rethought the spaces of historical mansions by turning them into places of modern hospitality, we took care of unpredictable artistic paths, we transformed completely the workspaces… 


Together, we created a network made of people, spaces and stories which made us who we are...


Our work begins with a meeting. Then, this meeting turns into ideas, projects and finally into the restructuring of spaces, the realisation of tailored furnishings integrated with design objects, while taking care of every last detail and harmonising all the different expertise which contribute to the realisation of “your space” with a single voice


Roberto Bua


I owe the University of Milan – my hometown – my love of the open spaces and the several travels to Spain for an Urban Planning course on the city of Barcellona. I owe to the Opera Stage Design courses my approach to the theatre. Indeed, for many years I have worked in staging sceneries, exhibitions and museums. When I’m not busy sitting by the fire imagining the stories of a family inside the spaces to redesign, or thinking to the stories of the customers of a restaurant which spaces are to rethink, or again reflecting on the questions to suggest to a visitor on an exhibition route – I love looking at the craftsmen at work, I love identifying the best and most appropriate materials and colours for furniture, I love drawing freehand the first ideas. And when I’m not sitting at my computer, I load up the shopping cart, or I become enthusiastic about cinema and theatre, or I just seat on the beach looking at the horizon on the sea. I’m also a traveller interested in museums, restaurants and streets with a view to know something more about the mystery of mankind. The one aspect that I value the most about my job is the relationship with others, the project as an opportunity to go on a journey of knowledge which gives back to the other a place where to find himself again.

Silvia Cuppini


For thirty years, I’ve been a lecturer and researcher at the University of Urbino. In these years, I had to face the issue of the reading of the work of art, both in relation to teaching and in relation to the exhibitions in which my collaboration was requested. To find the key to comprehend the story told by a work of visual art and the sequence to create an exhibition – I’ve understood that these were the main aspects of the subject that I loved the most. What stimulated me was the communication of the work of art in order to offer the public a possible gateway to its meaning. So, when I’m not busy designing “paths of sense” with Roberto and Joan, I love taking care of my succulents, cooking for my friends, dedicating myself to knitting with crochet and needles, reading a book by the fire, or travelling, or even just enjoying a nice night at the movies, but most of all walking in a beautiful field of blue flowers.

Joan Martos


From studying Industrial and Object-oriented Design in Barcelona, I then became passionate about communication full stop, specializing in Visual Arts at the University of Urbino. Cinema, theatre, literature, but also the surreal worlds of musical, have broadened my knowledge of the different visual and narrative languages. At the same time, travelling – of which I am a found “consumer” – allowed me to broaden my life scopes. Santiago's walk helped me to accept my post-teenage restlessness. My first interrail trip with a friend took me from Krakow to Venice passing through Prague and Budapest, while on a second one I went from Milan to Istanbul travelling all over Italy and Greece. Next, there were the Northern Europe capitals, as well as New York – the fulfilment of a desire triggered by many novels and movies. I see myself as a good listener and that's often the role I prefer to play with my family and my friends, who are my real emotional pillar. At my job, and not only there, I think dialogue as the main ingredient in order for a project or a relationship to “advance”.

Un Progetto, una Storia


All of our projects are, first of all, a meeting – every week, come and discover with us, on our blogs, the stories of these meetings and of the projects born from them…


Your Story

Tell us what is that you wish for your house, your office or for the spaces of your business project. We can help you realise it – let’s meet, let’s think it out and let’s design your future together...