Portuense Private Home

In this apartment from the ’70s, our intervention focused essentially on redistributing the spaces dedicated to the kitchen and the hall. In an effort to create a functional and visual continuity between hall, kitchen and living area, we used and enhanced the brightness of the already present Carrara marble. We transformed it in a smooth white continuous surface, set in distinctive blue-green wainscotings which redraw the essential lines of the hall while increasing the functional spaces hidden inside as well as the access door to the bedroom. By keeping the natural aspect of the woods, we brought the dark tones of the oak in the lower part of the kitchen, while the upper part restates the white and grey nuances of the marble. The fullness of the mirror and of the Ic lamps by Flos spice up the regularity of both the wainscot and the island kitchen lines, underlined by recessed spotlights. Moreover, by using the threshold between the hall and the kitchen, we introduced both hidden and at sight half columns to host bottles, lit by LED light beams. The design – which contaminates the stylistic traits from the ‘70s with features from the client's beloved East – is completed by the master bathroom, with its geometric pattern, the natural aspect of the oak and the light of the Carrara marble.
Rome, neighborhood Portuense


26 February 2019