about us

Who we are

mjras is a work team that, in museums and exhibitions, implements a direction in which the expertises of the curator, the architect and the graphic communication work together from the beginning looking for one of the many possible stories to offer to the visitor

What we do

We show the links and reveal the interactions hidden by the images

Discover the meaning of the images and allow the visitor to walk across the artworks

Play out a storytelling

The one who shows you something, introduce you to an aspect of the world. Walter Benjamin

Who we work for

Foundations, companies that organize exhibitions, public and private institutions

Our method

We start from the iconographic level to get to play out the space through plenty of exhibition models

Using the same model can create a boring habit to the public

Identify a single suggestion for each story that renew the look and renovates the interest

Our ability is the willingness to adapt the exhibition model to keep the viewer’s gaze always awake

We believe tha the emotional and the rational thinking can open gates of sense in the interpretation of the work. The real protagonist is the visitor / viewer: a sight provoked

It is possible to read an art collection not only chronologically but identifying multiple paths. It is possible to create a path of sense in an existing reality without moving the artworks